Skills to Support Your Dyslexia in the Workplace

Individuals with dyslexia often struggle with basic literacy, communication and organisational skills. These are highly valued in the modern workplace, especially in an office environment where productive dialogue and professional time management contribute to a successful company.

Concept Northern believe that no one with dyslexia should be disadvantaged at work or unable to achieve their potential. That’s why we created our training programme accredited by City & Guilds – “Skills to Support Your Dyslexia in the Workplace”. The programme teaches learners how assistive technology can help when completing common work tasks including planning a project, preparing a presentation and interacting with colleagues.

The programme’s teaching modules cover software and general business skills. These include learning to use Texthelp Read&Write to improve literacy, MatchWare MindView to improve organisation and the best way to use these tools to improve business reading, writing, managing time and presenting information to others. Materials are designed especially for individuals with dyslexia who are preparing to enter employment or are already employed and want to learn how assistive technology can improve their workplace experience.

The programme is also suitable for school pupils with dyslexia who may need further skills and confidence to help them enter the job market in the near future. The integrity and quality of the programme is assured by its City&Guild’s accreditation. There’s also a strong focus on flexible learning. Candidates can study 24/7 at home or on the move and complete the entire programme, including assessment, via distance learning.

Combining knowledge of software solutions with a greater understanding of the basic skills involved means increased confidence and greater productivity. It also creates an opportunity for individuals with dyslexia to experience the workplace as a level playing field where they can achieve parity with their peers.