Audio Notetaker 5

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Suitable for: All individuals who want to get the most out of their digital recordings.

Course Type: Online Learning

Operating System: Windows

Certification / Awarding Body: CPD Certification Service


Sonocent Audio Notetaker 5 helps you to manage, edit, and annotate your audio recordings. The course covers the following topics: navigating the program interface; importing and recording audio; editing your work; adding notes and audio; managing your files, and exporting to other formats. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

•    Navigate the Sonocent Audio Notetaker window.
•    Import or record a new audio file.
•    Edit, arrange and colour your audio chunks.
•    Embellish your audio with notes, images and reference materials.
•    Save and export your work.


01 INTRODUCTION TO SONOCENT AUDIO NOTETAKER An introduction to Sonocent Audio Notetaker, what it does, how it can help you and a guide to using this course.
02 THE SONOCENT AUDIO NOTETAKER WINDOW An in-depth look at the Sonocent Audio Notetaker interface including: panes; the toolbar; the sidebar, and the app menu.
03 YOUR AUDIO A guide to importing your existing audio into Sonocent Audio Notetaker and making a new recording.
04 INTRODUCING CHUNKS How to edit, arrange and format chunks – the main building blocks of Sonocent Audio Notetaker.
05 ADDING TO YOUR AUDIO Enhancing your recordings with notes, images, reference materials and file information.
06 MANAGING YOUR FILES & AT FEATURES Changing Sonocent Audio Notetaker’s options, exporting your work, managing your files and the Speak and Scribe tools.
07 FINAL QUIZ Test what you have learned in the course.