MindView 7

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Suitable for: All individuals who want to improve their planning and organisational skills using the software.  

Course Type: Online Learning

Operating System: Windows

Certification / Awarding Body: CPD Certification Service 


MatchWare MindView is a visual mapping tool which you can use to create industry recognised maps and diagrams to help plan anything from essays to projects.

This course covers the following topics: the MindView interface; starting a new map; adding branches and sub-branches; inserting hyperlinks and attachments; creating branch connections; using text notes and comments; editing the map’s appearance; using templates; customising the view, and creating and managing tasks. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

•    Describe what a mind map is and what it can be used for.
•    Create new maps and add branches.
•    Enhance maps with notes, images and hyperlinks.
•    Manage projects and tasks.
•    Share your maps with others.


01 INTRODUCTION TO MINDVIEW Introducing what MindView does, the course’s learning objectives and how it is structured.
02 THE MINDVIEW INTERFACE An overview of the MindView main window including its key features and accessibility tools.
03 STARTING A NEW MAP First steps with the software including the “root” idea, adding branches and using templates.
04 CUSTOMISING THE MAP Adding extra information to maps with text notes, comments, hyperlinks and attachments.
05 DESIGNING THE MAP Change map and branch design properties, add boundaries and export your work.
06 CHANGING THE MAP VIEW Introducing the Outline view, zoom tools, and filtering the map using icons.
07 PLANNING PROJECTS Converting branches to tasks, task properties and planning using Gantt view.
08 FINAL QUIZ Test what you have learned in the course.