Livescribe Echo Smartpen


Suitable for: All individuals who want to use the Echo smartpen and software to improve their workflow.  

Course Type: Online Learning

Operating System: Windows

Awarding Body: CPD Certification Service


The Echo smartpen is an advanced note-taking tool that can record live audio and match it to your handwritten notes. Echo Desktop lets you manage your notes and organise them to suit your needs.

This course covers the following topics: working with the Echo smartpen; writing notes and recording audio; strategies for note-taking; managing notebooks; advanced smartpen techniques, and sharing your work.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

•    Write notes and record audio with the Echo smartpen.
•    Read written notes and listen back to audio sessions.
•    Manage those notes using Echo Desktop.
•    Create custom notebooks and archive old ones.
•    Share your work.


01INTRODUCTIONAn introduction to the Echo smartpen, Echo Desktop and your overall learning objectives for the course.
02ECHO SMARTPEN – GETTING STARTEDPowering the pen on/off; charging; setting the date and time, and changing settings.
03ECHO SMARTPEN – WRITING & RECORDINGTaking notes; recording audio sessions, and strategies for note-taking.
04ECHO DESKTOP – BASICSThe interface; working in the Navigation Pane; Pages View; managing notebooks; custom notebooks; converting to text, and the Audio View.
05APPS, SKILLS and SHARINGUsing the launch line; shortcuts; bookmarking audio; exporting to PDF; managing updates, and printing Livescribe dot paper.
06FINAL QUIZTest what you have learned in the course.