Global AutoCorrect 4

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Suitable for: All individuals who want to improve the quality of their written work. 

Course Type: Online Learning

Operating System: Windows

Certification / Awarding Body: CPD Certification Service


Global AutoCorrect corrects spelling errors as you type in other applications. This allows you to focus on your writing without having to worry about making mistakes. This course covers the following topics: the software’s dashboard; the AutoCorrect entry list; adding and editing entries; counts; configuring the software’s options, and adding custom dictionaries. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

•    Correct spelling mistakes automatically.
•    Add and delete words in the software’s database.
•    Change Global AutoCorrect’s settings to suit your needs.
•    Use the software to work on particular spelling problems.


01 INTRODUCTION TO GLOBAL AUTOCORRECT A guide to what the software does, how the course is structured, and your learning objectives.
02 THE DASHBOARD An introduction to the system tray icon, the icon menu and the dashboard.
03 USING GLOBAL AUTOCORRECT How to add and delete entries from the AutoCorrect List, including working with counts.
04 CUSTOMISING GLOBAL AUTOCORRECT Personalising how the software works by making changes to Settings.
05 FINAL QUIZ Test what you have learned in the course.