Dyslexia Awareness

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Suitable for:  All individuals who want to improve their understanding of dyslexia and its effects. 

Course Type: Online Learning

Course Duration:  3 hours

Certification / Awarding Body:  CPD Certification Service (3 hours)


Improved awareness of the implications of dyslexia is essential for anyone who works with dyslexic individuals either as a teacher, manager or colleague.

The aim of this course is to properly define the term “dyslexia”, explore its effects, understand strategies for improving the experience of a dyslexic person, and distinguish between dyslexia and co-occurring conditions.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define the term “dyslexia”
  • Identify its signs
  • Recognise related learning difficulties
  • Manage dyslexia with tools and techniques
  • Source funding to finance training and equipment
  • Recognise relevant workplace issues


01 INTRODUCTION An introduction to the course, including: learning objectives; course format; CPD information.
02 DEFINING DYSLEXIA Considering what dyslexia means, including: definitions; signs; who it affects.
03 DYSLEXIA IN DETAIL Looking at the implications of dyslexia in detail, including: reading and writing; organising and planning; numbers and memory.
04 MAKING A DIFFERENCE Considering ways of improving the experience of a dyslexic individual, including: general training themes; incorporating assistive technology; giving confidence.
05 FUNDING AND THE LAW How the law affects dyslexia and what help is available, including: The Equality Act; reasonable adjustments; assessment and funding.
06 BONUS UNIT: AT SOLUTIONS Additional information on how assistive technology tools can help individuals with dyslexia when: at work; at school; training.
07 FINAL QUIZ Test out what you’ve learned.