Dragon Pro Individual 15


Suitable for: All individuals, such as those with dyslexia, who may struggle with common writing tasks. 

Course Type: Online Learning

Operating System: Windows

Certification / Awarding Body: CPD Certification Service


Dragon Professional Individual 15 is an advanced speech-recognition application. It enables users to take control of their PC just by using their voice. This helps increase productivity and provides a more satisfying user experience.

The course covers the following topics: Setting up your computer; Using the Dragon interface; Dictating text; Editing your work, and Managing Windows and other applications with Dragon.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Navigate the Dragon interface.
  • Create documents by dictating text.
  • Edit your documents.
  • Control other applications with voice commands.
  • Access the mouse and keyboard using your voice.


01 INTRODUCTION TO DRAGON Meet Dragon; your learning objectives; about this course.
02 GETTING READY Setting up the microphone; creating a user profile; refining the profile and training it.
03 THE DRAGON INTERFACE Working with the DragonBar; getting tips from the Help Center; controlling Dragon with your voice.
04 SPEECH-TO-TEXT Dictating speech; issuing commands with your voice; navigating documents; replacing and editing text; formatting fonts.
05 WORKING WITH OTHER APPLICATIONS Controlling MS Word with your voice; sending and receiving e-mail with your voice; editing a spreadsheet with Dragon; controlling web browsers.
06 WORKING WITH WINDOWS Controlling the mouse with Dragon; entering keystrokes with your voice.
07 FINAL QUIZ Test what you have learned in the course.