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Awareness & Guidance


Explore our selection of e-learning courses which increase understanding and raise awareness of key topics and issues.

Awareness of issues affecting workplace or educational life can contribute to better environments and individual development. 

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Courses are hosted on our learning portal and are available 24/7 for study. They feature blended teaching resources which fuse traditional textbook learning with interactive modules, videos and quizzes.

Coverage is in-depth and comprehensive, but manageable. On average, courses take two to three hours to complete.

Most courses are CPD-certified meaning learners can develop their knowledge while adding valuable hours to their personal development portfolio.

  • Rich e-learning experience
  • One-on-one support available
  • Tracked learning and development
  • Gain greater awareness
  • Increase knowledge and understanding
  • Gain valuable CPD hours
  • Prove competency to employers

We also offer a dyslexia-specific learning route incorporating the same ILM units but with extra materials designed especially for individuals with dyslexia. This means learners can benefit from developing Assistive Technology skills which can help them get the most from their ILM learning.